Pillar 5: International Relations & Cooperation

Goal 1

Activity 1: Operational Adaptation: Working as One

a. Economic diplomacy requires aggressive and effective engagement with regional and global partners to harness the potential of trade and investment opportunities to create sustained economic growth and sustainable development at a domestic level. To this end, operational adaptations will be required through the creation of a national economic multi-stakeholder coordinating platform for targeted trade and investment promotion. An inter-ministerial platform to holistically consider issues of national priority and better coordinate our economic diplomacy in order to provide timely information and services to investors and all our stakeholders.

b. A key factor to be considered within the attractiveness of potential industrial opportunities shall be their potential to insert themselves within global value chains where Namibia has and or will have a comparative advantage. Such value chains can ultimately brand Namibia as the hub for certain products. To enhance working as one, Namibia shall create a nexus between the Foreign Service personnel and local business communities.

Work Breakdown Structure


Activity Progress

Establish an Inter-Ministerial platform for Economic Diplomacy

Sub Activity Description:

Start Date: 2022-02-01
End Date: 2022-06-21
Duration: 44
Status: Ongoing
Resource: Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation
Responsible Entity: Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation
Quality: N/A
Cost: 0
Risk: Covid-19 Associated Risk, Schedule Risk

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