Pillar 2: Economic Advancement

Goal 3

Activity 3: Design and offer competitive investment incentives to facilitate local and foreign direct investment attraction and retention.

The development of appropriate incentives that attract an array of investment capital which supports a robust and diverse growth trajectory is a critical component of a private sector-led economic growth programme. The Namibian Investment Promotion Act will be finalised by Fourth quarter of the 2021/22 financial year and will be accompanied by a new regime of Special Economic Zones which should attract global and regional investors alike. In addition to this a concerted effort from the Namibia Investment Promotion Development Board (NIPDB) in conjunction with the Ministry of Home Affairs will formulate a targeted Golden VISA programme looking to incentivise and attract investors with skills, discretionary capital and ambitions to set up businesses and residency in Namibia. This programme, once approved by Cabinet will be launched in Second quarter of the 2021/22 financial year. This activity has an underlying objective of raising more than N$50 billion in investments during the HPPII period.

Work Breakdown Structure

Activity Progress

The Namibian investment promotion act will be finalized and will be accompanied by a new regime of special economic zones which should attract global and regional investors alike MIT

Sub Activity Description:

Development and approval of Draft Special Economic Zones (SEZ) Policy Submission of draft SEZ to cabinet Stakeholder Engagement on the SEZ policy Finalization and Approval of the SEZ policy Legal Drafting of the SEZ Bill Tabling and Parliamentary considerations of the SEZ bill
Start Date: 2021-08-12
End Date: 2022-09-19
Duration: 14
Status: Ongoing
Resource: Dr Micheal N Humavindu
Responsible Entity: MIT
Risk: Covid-19 Associated Risk, Financial Risk, Resource Risk, Schedule Risk, Quality Risk