Pillar 2: Economic Advancement

Goal 3

Activity 4: Establish holistic National MSME Fund towards a coordinated enterprise development value chain.

HPPI saw the development of an SME Financing Strategy consisting of a Credit Guarantee Scheme, a Mentoring and Coaching Programme, Skills Lending Facility and a Public Venture Capital Fund. HPPII will partner with the private sector to offer an MSME Fund with all four (4) components consolidated with a diversified source of funding. Government has engaged relevant partners with a track record of sourcing funding from the private financial sector as a viable means to meet the empowerment legislation provisions related to enterprise and supplier development for the financial sector. The implementation strategy will be championed by the Namibian Investment Promotion and Development Board and supported by the Development Bank of Namibia. Preliminary findings are expected by Second quarter of the 2021/22 financial year.

Work Breakdown Structure

Activity Progress

Establish a holistic National MSME fund by- FY 2021/2022 MOF,DBN, NIPDB

Sub Activity Description:

Phase 1: Program inception Establish MSME Task Force (Nasia, DBN, NIPDB, Presidency) , issue reports to ASISA, Task force Workshop with ASISA in Namibia Phase 2: Fund Concept Development Develop MSME Fund Concept Note incorperating National rescue elements, Assess Namibia SME landscape and accomodate existing effort Study on Debt equity Conversion Stakeholder consultation, incorporate stakeholder consultation feedback Phase 3: MSME Fund Framework Development Develop MSME Fund Framework Stakeholder consultation Phase 4: MSME Fund Approval and Cabinet submission
Start Date: 2021-09-21
End Date: 2022-11-17
Duration: 14
Status: Ongoing
Resource: PDU
Responsible Entity: DBN, MOF
Cost: TBC
Risk: Covid-19 Associated Risk, Financial Risk, Resource Risk, Schedule Risk, Quality Risk

Related Projects

Establishment of multiple facilities under the SME Financing Strategy
Region: Countrywide
Sector: finance
Project Progress

Pillar 2: Economic Advancement