Effective Governance

Goal 1

Improve ranking on relevant dimensions of the Ibrahim Index on African Governance (IIAG) from the current Rank No. 7.

The IIAG looks at governance at a broad level, highlighting its importance across the areas of democratic and political governance and human/social development. Namibia scored 65.1 on the 2020 IIAG Index – a decrease of 3.5 points on the overall score in 2018, but with a notable improvement of 12.8 points on the Foundations for Economic Opportunity (62.7), Human Development (60.9), Safety & Rule of Law (69.6) and Participation & Human Rights (67.0) dimensions. The country also progressed in the social safety net (60.7) and protection of personal liberties (73.0). Despite improved scoring in Situation Analysis
some dimensions, the country’s’ overall ranking declined from Rank No. 5 to Rank No. 7 on the continent.

Work Breakdown Structure


Activity Progress

Improve Namibia’s ranking on the Ibrahim Index on Africa from current position of 7

Sub Activity Description:

Improve Namibia's ranking on the Ibrahim Index on African Governance from current position of 7 to a position within the top 5 best performers.
Start Date: 2021-11-01
End Date: 2025-06-11
Duration: 43
Status: Ongoing
Responsible Entity: Office of the President
Risk: Resource Risk

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