Namibia operates under the policy of non-alignment as a “Friend to all and enemy to none”. Namibia maintains an international profile as a respected, cooperative and trusted member of the global community, by executing a foreign policy that advances the goals of peace and development. Under HPPI, the diplomatic profile of the country was enhanced, having been invited to serve on several continental and global panels, including the High-Level Panel on the Sustainable Ocean Economy and the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI).

More importantly, as Chairperson of SADC in 2018/2019, President Hage G. Geingob led the regional organization at a pivotal time in its history, ensuring among others, the first peaceful transfer of power in the Democratic Republic of Congo in January 2019.

The diplomatic footprint of the Government in line with HPPI was geared towards guaranteeing the national interest against independent intervening variables, of which some emanate from regional, continental and global environments. Through the implementation of the 2016 Policy on International Relations and Cooperation, the Government continues to spare no effort to maximize the benefits it derives from its diplomatic engagements aimed at advancing socio-economic development within the country. This Pillar comprises of One (1) Goal and Six (6) Activities.

HPPII activities will be implemented under more challenging conditions with COVID-19 threatening to reverse the gains made over the past five years. Bolder and disciplined execution of economic diplomacy will drive the implementation of this Pillar, so as to harness Namibia’s foreign policy by doing more with less in favour of economic recovery and the development of the Namibian people.