Public Procurement System- Code of Good Practice

Employment Impact Assessment

Train 400 police officers, social workers, health care workers, youth officers in providing services for GBV survivors

Train 390 clinical and administrative personnel in all health facilities

Promulgate the Child Justice Bill

Launch Public Media Information Campaign providing information on support services, helpline for medical, police and legal assistance and preventative tips with focus on community members and perpetrators

Identify, engage, equip and coordinate existing community networks (such as Community Health Workers, Community Liaison Officers, Civil Society Organisations, neighbourhood watch volunteers), to join the national GBV-watch movement and augment the national response

Government and private sector workplaces, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to institutionalise training, policies, guidelines and offer basic services to prevent and respond to GBV (including sexual harassment in the workplace), as part of national GBV-watch movement

Enact a national register for sex offendors, to ensure that a record of names is kept for those found guilty of sexual offences

Create specialized courts for hearing GBV cases at each Magistrate’s Court across the country by the end of HPPII. These courts will be housed at the existing infrastructure, with specialized teams dedicated to GBV cases, in a victim and witness friendly environment, dealing with cases in a speedy manner