Update a complete and accurate fixed public asset register

Developing and Implementing an Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF)

Development of the central securities depository, green and blue bonds, transitions bonds, carbon credits and other innovative tools

Establishment of multiple facilities under the SME Financing Strategy

Pursue activities that will accelerate the delivery of ultra-low cost housing in various regions of the country as a means to catalyze economic activity and simultaneously boost the construction sector

The Namibian investment promotion act will be finalized and will be accompanied by a new regime of special economic zones which should attract global and regional investors alike MIT

The NYS will identify all assets under management with a view to prepare projects identified

Establish a project preparation fund

PPP Conference

Review and Harmonize the Land Bill, Deeds Registration Bill, Wildlife and Protected Areas Management Bill, Namibia In-vestment Promotion Act and the Namibia Tourism Bill in an effort to attract foreign and local investment